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Our Collections

Bayne Junction Woodworks 

We custom build it all: furniture for the bedroom, living room, office, dining room.  Each piece of furniture is hand made from time honored joinery techniques for quality and value.


Our unique pieces are manufactured from natural real hardwoods and plywoods of the highest quality.

Each piece that leaves the shop is an original work of art, whether it be soley of some common or exotic wood, a unique fallen tree found in the forest or has incorporated pieces of iron amd steel to compliment the natural wood grains. Don enjoys searching the acreage of his home for those special stumps or tree limbs that inspire his artistic creations. Whether it is a table or lamp or corner shelf, each piece is unique. The color and figure of the wood, the touch of the craftsman's hand, the shape and size can never be duplicated. All orders are completed in the order received and we are currently 6-8 weeks out on new orders. 

I also have several raw forms of cherry wood, apple wood and pear wood curring and waiting to become the next piece of furniture. I am open to your ideas and if you have an idea for something different please feel free to contact me and we can collaborate together to make it happen. Email: info@PalmerBayne.com 

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Custom Tile and post and beam entryway

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