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1962 Youngquist Cabin Cruiser
Custom Cabinetry & Woodworking Services July27th. 2013 Went down today and checked out another boat hatch project for a gentleman on North Lake Union with another Thunderbird Sailboat. Anytime I get near the water motivates me into getting back to work on the BJ's Too back in the water. So far I've almost got the hull refastened and after pulling all the 12volt electrical back to the panel I'm now looking for an upgraded/new panel. Then I'll start on the 110 electrical system. Speaking of which if your looking for any type of service for just about anything I've found this great website called they can match you up with just about any professional service you can think of. Here's a link to there website. They've got every service imaginable from home repairs to car detailing, carpet services, home remodeling, house painters, photographers, you name it and they've probably got the service professional for you. Custom Cabinetry & Woodworking Services



June 11th. 2013

June 30th. 2012

  I've decided to start a blog for the progress of restoring my boat. This page will be updated so check back regularly and if you would like to see the pictures I have the link here to my Flickr page that has alot of inside out pics of the boat and some other woodworking carpentry custom art and tile jobs of mine. As an artrist and custom woodworker I like to incorporate different materials into each piece. Making things from raw live edge wood and custom milling woodworking and steel into the latest greatest piece of art work.
October 22, 2013
I've been working away on the electrical and custom items on my boat. Pulled back all the 12volt while leaving the shore power intact while I clean up the 12volt. Beginning to get a little mold in a few places but the home remedies of using vinegar are really great. I've removed my art work and some woodworking from the boat while I make the repairs and get her all buttoned for the winter. I don't think I'll make the a winter launch date as expected probably somewhere in early spring time I hope and with all the shop happenings going on lately I'll be pretty busy this winter.